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Rainbow KItten Surprise - Love Hate Music Box

Indie Exclusive Milky Clear
Vinyl 2LP
Genre: Rock Pop Soul
Release Date:
Rainbow Kitten Surprise | New Elektra  |  Barcode: 075678631436


Making a bold return, genre-defying, North Carolina-bred quartet and live sensationsRainbow Kitten Surprisewill unveil their first full-length album in six years,LOVE HATE MUSIC BOX, on May 10, 2024 viaElektra Entertainment.
After years of struggling with her own mental health that resulted in writer’s block, on-stage episodes, and tour cancellations,RKS singer/songwriter/frontperson Ela Melowas properly diagnosed and treated in 2023, vastly improving her quality of life. As if suddenly struck by creative intervention, songs once again poured out of her, writing at least one a day for an entire year and forming the backbone of their 22-track opusLOVE HATE MUSIC BOX.This epic mosaic of sound and emotion was fully realized once the band - guitarists Bozzy Keller and Ethan Goodpaster, drummer Jess Haney and former bassist Charlie Holt- reconvened in the studio, adding another dimension sonically. Produced byDaniel Tashian(Kacey Musgraves) along withKonrad Snyder(Noah Kahan) and Melo, the much-anticipated album ponders life’s ups and downs, and traces the turbulent trajectory of relationships, painted out loud in hues of pop, electronic, rock, and hip-hop. As such, it finds the musicians at their most vulnerable, vibrant, and vital.“Superstar”opens up the world ofLOVE HATE MUSIC BOX. Underpinned by airy guitar and neon keys, the luminous soundscape underlines evocative verses as the momentum culminates on a chantable chorus,“You told me you loved me, baby, I’m your superstar again.”The video evokes the band’s renewed energy with stylized performance footage, eye-catching choreography, and a powerful vignette of the members huddled around one acoustic guitar as they strum together.
From“Peter Pan”through the finale“Thanks For Coming,”LOVE HATE MUSIC BOXunspools a cohesive vision all-around. Among the many highlights, they notably teamed up with GRAMMY®Award-winning multiplatinum supernovaKacey Musgraveson the impassioned“Overtime.”