Thank you for supporting indie record stores. You rock!

Get Cash

Getting cash for pre-enjoyed goodness is a snap! Just bring your goodness to our Chic's Beach location and we'll provide a free quote, usually in 30 minutes or less. No appointment is needed, but if you have over 30 items, we prefer they arrive before 6 p.m. (4 p.m. on Sunday).


Unlike many other stores, we don't issue "funny money" credits that you may lose track of. We give CASH only, which we encourage you to spend on books, music and movies, from AFK Books & Records. ;-)

If you bought a product from us, it's still in great shape, and our sticker is intact, we will always buy it back from you. In fact if it's still popular and we don't already have it in stock, you'll even score some bonus cash.

We accept vinyl records, fiction and non-fiction books, kids books, manga, CDs, music cassettes, limited DVDs & Blu-ray, video games and textbooks.

Pricing is determined by the quantity we have in stock, popularity, and condition. Products released in the last 60-90 days typically command a higher price. The more popular a product is right now, the more you will get paid.

We don't provide quotes over the phone and all quotes are provided for lots only. We don't have the resources to provide pricing on individual items.

As an independent, local business, we also appreciate direct product donations.

Thank you for supporting independent book stores and record stores!



  • Must have original outer cardboard sleeve in very good condition (untorn, clean, smoke and mildew free, etc.)
  • Must be unwarped and without scratches or scuffs that you can feel with a finger-tip.
  • We mostly buy rock, blues, punk, metal, jazz, reggae and soul from the 1960's on. There are many exceptions to that rule though and we would rather you bring them in than miss an opportunity. We rarely buy classical music.
  • If you have a large collection (over 500 albums) or estate collection please give us a ring at 757-962-1996 to discuss evaluation options.


  • Must have cover insert and back cover.
  • Cracked cases are fine, assuming the art-work is in excellent condition.
  • Scratched CDs are sometimes okay, but may reduce the value paid.
  • We do not buy pirated music or bootlegs.


  • Dust jackets are required if originally present.
  • Pages must be unyellowed and free of smoke and mildew odors.
  • Covers and pages must be stain free, untorn and bindings must be intact and undamaged.
  • A few dedications, highlights, & notes may be okay, especially for reference books and textbooks.
  • We do not accept library books, pornography, encyclopedias or technology-related books more than 2 years old.


  • Must have original artwork/box, in excellent condition
  • Scuffs are sometimes okay, but reduce value.
  • Must be smoke, mildew and odor free.
  • We do not buy pirated or bootleg movies.
  • Note: We are not buying many movies these days (shakes fist at streaming services). :)

We accept working games for the following systems:
Nintendo: NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, Wii U, Switch
GameBoy: GBA, GBC, DS, 3DS
Sega: Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast
Microsoft: Xbox (limited), Xbox 360, Xbox One
Sony: PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5

  • Original boxes are required for all disc-based games.
  • We do not buy sports games, with the year in the title, unless it is the current or upcoming year. We generally do not buy games that require additional accessories. Dance or fitness games for example.
  • Scratched disc-based games may be acceptable, depending on the game, but will reduce the value.
  • We do not buy pirated games.


  • All products must be smoke, mildew and stain free.
  • Per Virginia Beach law, a valid government-issued photo I.D. is required and you must be at least 18 years of age