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About Us

AFK. Life, Away From Keyboards.

AFK Books LLC is a local, independent business and a registered Virginia company, established in 2010 & opened on Valentine's Day, 2011.  

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Cool Jazz  Jazz, AFK's CCO (Chief Canine Officer), pretty much runs things around here. She holds a master's degree in begging and wants everyone to know that she is always available for tutoring in the fine art of belly rubbing. She also clarified that the whole "smell the hand" thing is a myth and to "get right in there!" She rescued us about 6 years ago and is currently 77 in dog years, but states she still "Feels like a pup."
Emily, AFK's Store Manager for over 8 years, is Jazz's second-in-command and tasked with keeping everything running smoothly. Her super power is finding stuff, hence her nickname, "The Finder." You may chuckle, but finding is a mission-critical skill in a shop with over 50,000 products. If you're desperately seeking your own finder, she wants everyone to know she's already "found" someone.   Emily Digging Doors
  Sean, Assistant Manager Extraordinaire, is a wizened veteran of service industry management, and also groks how to run a successful high-volume pub whenever we're ready for "AFK Bocks & Records." In addition to supporting Jazz's many whims, as an avid reader, he's also responsible for keeping our expanded horror section freshly stocked with the latest night terrors.
Joe, Heir to the AFK kingdom, is a customer delightment wizard, having faithfully served a gecko leige for many years. He doesn't mean to boast, but he did play World of Warcraft on the very first "alpha" server and is still up for ganking the occasional newb. As you can see by this photo, his vinyl of choice is disc golf and you can catch him most weekends at the nearby Bayville course.  
  Evan, also affectionately known as "The Boy," for his youthful enthusiasm, is AFK's resident metal aficionado. If we required name tags, Evan's would say "Ask Me About Venom." He currently studies the dark arts at Cape Henry Collegiate.
Diane, seen here garbed in the most "on brand" Halloween costume ever, as the incomparable Jeff Tweedy. She's a live music superfan and you'll catch her "on the rail" at shows across town and the U.S.  When she's not re-alphabetizing the vinyl bins, she admins 'Shot in the Arm' the top Wilco fan group.  
Jedi John John, AFK's founder, is a native of Virginia Beach who launched his retail career at Games 'n' Gadgets in Lynnhaven Mall in the mid-eighties. There's a good chance he sold you your first copy of Zelda. As a retailer, he's lived the nomadic lifestyle common to retail executives, military personnel and circus performers. He's lived in Dallas, Seattle, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia and managed retail locations in dozens of states as well as e-commerce, customer service and direct marketing teams for two Fortune 500 companies. (Wipes brow) He finds the "low stress life-style" (coughs) of an indie retailer refreshing.