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Pallbearer - Mind Burns Alive

Orange Crush, D-side Etching
Vinyl 2LP
Genre: Punk Metal
Release Date:
Pallbearer | Nuclear Blast  |  Barcode: 4065629719111


Six songs deep and 600 miles wide with music that ranges from disarming quiet to something akin to a battering ram made out of Marshall stacks, Mind Burns Alive finds Pallbearer navigating the sonic realm between disquiet and serenity in a way that nods to previous efforts while fully forging ahead with a singular intensity. With Mind Burns Alive, Pallbearer continues to invoke an atmosphere of bare, unadulterated introspection and the resulting catharsis that comes with it. Limited edition LP, double LP, Orange Crush, etching on Side D

1 Where the Light Fades
2 Mind Burns Alive
3 Signals
4 Endless Place
5 Daybreak
6 With Disease