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Lemon Demon - Damn Skippy

Vinyl 2LP
Genre: Rock Pop Soul
Release Date:
Lemon Demon | Oglio  |  Barcode: 655466911805


Before “The Ultimate Showdown,” there was Damn Skippy. In 2005, Neil Cicierega created this album in between the hype of his early Animutation work and his smash hit, "The Ultimate Showdown." The album is an ambitious DIY bedroom pop creation from the mind of a teenager who had been taking songwriting notes from the likes of They Might Be Giants. Featuring songs like "Geeks in Love," "Ode to Crayola," and "Word Disassociation," this jovial pop album lives up to its name: Damn Skippy!

Disc 1

  1. Dead Sea Monkeys
  2. Sky is Not Blue
  3. Pumpkin Pie
  4. When Robots Attack
  5. Geeks in Love
  6. New Way Out
  7. What Will Happen Will Happen
  8. Kitten Is Angry
  9. The Ceiling
  10. Subtle Oddities
  11. Gonna Dig Up Alec Guinness
  12. Flamingo Legs

Disc 2

  1. Ode to Crayola
  2. Rainwater
  3. Smell Like a Cookie All Day
  4. Dizziful Bliss
  5. Word Disassociation
  6. Eventuality
  7. Scatterbrained
  8. Musical Chairs (Alternate Version)
  9. March of the Living Figments
  10. Elvis Porn
  11. Lollipops
  12. Bicycle Race
  13. Fuzzy
  14. Bottom Line