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Kelley, Brian - Tennessee Truth

Gold Nugget
Vinyl LP
Genre: Americana - Country - Bluegrass
Release Date:
Brian Kelley | Big Machine  |  Barcode: 843930108183


You wanna know how Brian Kelley lives? Turn up the dial on Tennessee Truth. Across 12 pumped-up country anthems, Kelley testifies to the restorative power of rural living, everlasting love, and badass guitars. He sings about John Deere joyrides, front porch swinging, and long nights out where the cattails sway. With rich vocal styling, blistering fretwork, stadium-sized choruses, and heavier-than-hell drums, Tennessee Truth doesn’t just rock – it roars.

Track List:

  1. Acres
  2. How We’re Livin’
  3. King Ranch
  4. Trucks, Ducks, Bucks & Beer
  5. Goin’ Places
  6. Barefeet Or Boots
  7. Dirt Road Date Night
  8. 10 O’Clock On The Dock
  9. See You Next Summer
  10. Doin’ Nothin’
  11. Dirt Cheap
  12. Kiss My Boots