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JPEGMAFIA - All My Heroes Are Cornballs

Vinyl LP
Genre: Hip Hop - Rap
Release Date:
JPEGMAFIA | Godmode  |  Barcode: 843563174067


Black vinyl. All My Heroes Are Cornballs is the third studio album by renowned Baltimore rapper JPEGMafia, released on September 13, 2019, follow-up to the album that really launched his career, Veteran (2018). JPEGMAFIA handled the production, mixing and mastering in his home studio. The album features guest appearances from Abdu Ali, Helena Deland and Buzzy Lee, as well as additional vocals by Refined Sugar, Vegyn and Young Emoji. All My Heroes are cornballs is an avant-garde, experimental hip hop, and punk rap album, and draws influences from experimental pop, glitch hop, ambient, noise and industrial music. It has a smoother and more melodic sound than it's predecessor, employing uncommon song structures, extensive sampling, and a variety of vocal techniques such as rapping, screaming and singing. Thematically, the album is personal, introspective, and presented in a stream of consciousness form, touching on the Internet culture, prejudice, political issues and JPEGMafia's newfound fame.

1 1. Jesus Forgive Me, I Am a Thot
2 2. Kenan Vs. Kel
3 3. Beta Male Strategies
4 4. Jpegmafia Type Beat
5 5. Grimy Waifu
6 6. PTSD
7 7. Rap Grow Old & Die X No Child Left Behind
8 8. All My Heroes Are Cornballs
9 9. BBW
10 10. Prone!
11 11. Lifes Hard, Here's a Song About Sorrel
12 12. Thot Tactics
13 13. Free the Frail
14 14. Post Verifies Lifestyle
15 15. Basicbitchteargas
16 16. Dots Freestyle Remix
17 17. Buttermilk Jesus Type Beat
18 18. Papi I Missed U