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Growlers, The - Hung At Heart

Deluxe Edition Mint & White
Vinyl 2LP
Genre: Rock Pop Soul
Release Date:
The Growlers | Everloving  |  Barcode: 812208015058


This deluxe edition has two colored discs. The bonus disc includes the original album demos. Remastered for this 10th anniversary edition, The Growlers are back with a new album of sunburned, psychedelic beach goth! Since 2010's Hot Tropics, the band has toured relentlessly, including Coachella, Lollapalooza, and even Rock In Rio but they continue to stay true to their roots with a distinctly DIY approach. Their songwriting is in top form, and this lo-fi garage band delivers some seriously catchy tunes. 

Disc 1
1 Someday
2 Naked Kids
3 Salt On A Slug
4 One Million Lovers
5 No Need For Eyes
6 Living In A Memory
7 Pet Shop Eyes
8 In Between
9 Burden Of The Captain
10 Row
11 It’s No Use
12 Use Me For Your Eggs
13 Derka Blues
14 Beach Rats
15 The Fruit Is For Everyone
Disc 2
1 Feel My Funk
2 Dogheart Blues
3 Soaring The Zidang
4 Tried It All Too Soon
5 In Between
6 Someday
7 Use Me For Your Eggs
8 Mood Shades
9 Blackout
10 Don’t Care
11 Salt On A Slug
12 It’s No Use
13 Smoking The Bruise
14 One Million Lovers
15 Derka Blues
16 Beach Rats