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Waxahatchee - American Weekend

Vinyl LP
Genre: Rock Pop Soul
Release Date:
Waxahatchee | Don Giovanni  |  Barcode: 634457169616


Katie Crutchfield, under the name Waxahatchee, made her debut album during a snowstorm in the winter of 2012. She dedicated it “to anyone who had woke up and realized their identity is blurry, has had to clumsily get to know themselves, has hit a bottom, has felt self-deprecating and vagrant, and to anyone who has ridden out a shitstorm.” She called it American Weekend. She means “American Weekend” in the same wide way that Kurt Cobain means “Teen Spirit,” less social construct than natural phenomenon. This is a lo-fi masterpiece in the league of Lou Barlow and the Softies. We should consider it a descendent of Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska, or else temper it no lower than Essential Listening.

Track List:
1    Catfish
2    Grass Stain
3    Rose, 1956
4    American Weekend
5    Michel
6    Be Good
7    Luminary Blake
8    Magic City Wholesale
9    Bathtub
10    I Think I Love You
11    Noccalula