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KRS One - Return of the Boom Bap

Blue Swirl & Orange Swirl
Vinyl 2LP
Genre: Hip Hop - Rap
Release Date:
KRS One | RCA  |  Barcode: 196588247613


Originally released in the fall of 1993, "Return of the Boom Bap" is KRS-One's first official solo album. The album is pure 90's Hip-Hop filled with KRS-One's trademark conscious raps and storytelling with boom bap beats from the man himself, DJ Premier, Showbiz, and Kid Capri. The album kicks off with a Preemo trademark intro leading into "Outta Here", a tale about coming up in the 80s with a message to emcees not staying true to their roots. - Throughout the album KRS-One tackles corrupt police, fake emcees, religion and provides some comical relief on "I Can't Wake Up" where he dreams about being a blunt passed around by a who's who of 90s emcees and Bill Clinton! The album was selected as one of The Source's 100 Best Rap Albums and received a 4 four mics rating in The Source in 1993. Get On Down is proud to present a limited edition pressing of Return of The Boom Bap to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the blast master's classic debut solo album. Includes the bonus freestyle track "Hip-Hop vs Rap" that was on the original "Sound of Da Police" 12-inch.

1 Krs-One Attacks
2 Outta Here
3 Black Cop
4 Mortal Thought
5 I Can't Wake Up
6 Slap Them Up
7 Sound of Da Police
8 Mad Crew
9 Uh Oh
10 Brown Skin Woman
11 Return of the Boom Bap
12 "P" Is Still Free
13 Stop Frontin'
14 Higher Level
15 Hip Hop Vs. Rap