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Greenwood, Lee - American Patriot

Red, White, & Blue Fireworks Splatter
Vinyl LP
Genre: Americana - Country - Bluegrass
Release Date:
Lee Greenwood | Capitol Nashville  |  Barcode: 602465574951


This special edition of Lee Greenwood's AMERICAN PATRIOT comprises his most popular songs in a single LP collection. Includes patriotic hits like "God Bless the U.S.A.," "America the Beautiful," and "The Star Spangled Banner." First time on vinyl - White with Red and Blue Fireworks Splatter vinyl.

1 The Pledge of Allegiance
2 America
3 God Bless the U.S.A
4 This Land Is Your Land
5 The Battle Hymn of the Republic
6 God Bless America
7 Dixie
8 The Great Defender
9 America the Beautiful
10 Star Spangled Banner