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Angelica, Garcia - Gemelo

Vinyl LP
Genre: Rock Pop Soul
Release Date:
Angelico Garcia | Partisan  |  Barcode: 720841303633


Gemelo is the new album from songwriter and pop auteur Angélica Garcia. It's title is a reference to the twin self - the idea of a second, more intuitive self within. It's a vibrant, prismatic hybrid-pop record that soundtracks a journey through the different stages and forms of grief. Angélica explores it's inherent loneliness, beauty, and tension, eventually finding liberation. Gemelo also expertly deconstructs facets of universal themes like religion, spirit, heritage, and womanhood.

Disc 1 - 

1 Reflexiones
2 Color de Dolor
3 Juanita
4 Ángel [Eterna]
5 Mírame

Disc 2 -

1 Y Grito
2 El Que
3 Intuición
4 Gemini
5 Paloma