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Jinks, Cody - Change The Game

Indie Exclusive Mineral
Vinyl LP
Genre: Americana - Country - Bluegrass
Release Date:
Cody Jinks | Late August  |  Barcode: 810065492104


Cody Jinks is a ground-breaking independent artist and one of music's most prolific and beloved musicians. Throughout his trailblazing career, he has sold over 2 million equivalent units, garnered over 3 billion streams across platforms and recently received Pandora Radio's Billions Award, after receiving 1 billion streams on the platform. - He was also recently named Music Row's 2023 Independent Artist of the Year after receiving the most radio spins for an independent artist last year-his second time receiving the award and earned new RIAA Certifications for his songs "Loud and Heavy" (2x Platinum), "Hippies & Cowboys" (Platinum), "Must Be the Whiskey" (Platinum), "Mamma Song" (Gold), "I'm Not the Devil" (Gold) and "Cast No Stones" (Gold) as well as for his acclaimed album, Adobe Sessions (Gold). - For well over a decade, Cody Jinks has devoted himself to making music that's equal parts uncompromising and empathic, often giving voice to those who exist on the margins of modern life. Since first emerging as a solo artist in the mid-2000s, he has steadily advanced from playing nearly-empty bar rooms to independently building a following so dedicated, that he is now known as the biggest independent country artist on the planet.

1. Sober Thing
2. Outlaws and Mustangs
3. I Can't Complain
4. Take This Bottle (feat. PEARL)
5. Change The Game
6. I Would
7. The Working Man
8. Deceiver's Blues
9. A Few More Ghosts
10. Wasted
11. Always Running
12. What You Love